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Your Personal Brain Gym®!

profile with circuitsUntil recent breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience, scientists believed that a person’s brain is hardwired and not able to change or modify itself.

They deduced your brain develops and grows up to approximately 20 years of age, and at that point it no longer is capable of further change and remained the same for the rest of your life. They also theorized that the adult brain had a set number of neurons and existing neurological connections could not change, replicate or strengthen.

This view is quickly becoming outdated as scientists are starting to understand our human potential and what our brain is actually capable of.

Current research proves that your brain has the ability to change its structure and function in relation to the type of experiences it’s having. So quality, frequency, environment, intention…all these aspects and more play factors in how you sculpt your brain.

If this is true, then why can it be so hard to make changes or why do people default into patterns and habits that do not serve them? More…


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