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Brain Building Mental Health Program

How we think becomes a habit based on how our sensory system interprets our life experiences. This is unique to each of us. Over time ‘our way’ of thinking and perceiving becomes neurologically ingrained through regular use and repetition, whether it is positive or negative to the detriment of our relationships, career path, and health.

Unfortunately, if the wiring is negative (stress-based), it can make us a slave to a master that is not always beneficial — our own brain! When our brain takes over our thoughts, attacks our self-worth, questions our abilities, overpowers us with cravings, or attempts to dictate our actions through fear, it is confusing and painful.

The interesting thing is, our brain does not have the ability to distinguish whether an action is beneficial or destructive; nor can it distinguish between what is real and not real. It just responds to how we behave and then generates impulses, thoughts, desires, cravings, and urges that will compel us to perpetuate the habit, whatever it may be.

This is powerful news and it can be used to our advantage.  We all have the ability to create new positive habits through the development of our awareness skills and the use of Brain Fitness techniques.

This program will develop and re-enforce:

  • Ability to release physical, mental, and emotional stress in just minutes
  • Grounding skills/tools to use when triggered
  • Client Education by noticing and self-identifying one’s blocks to progress and using tools to defuse those block with integrative movements
  • New skills for crisis intervention by teaching movements that can stabilize and help someone ‘reset’ in the moment of an issue
  • Use awareness and integrative movement tools to help yourself and clients identify stuck points, triggers, and high-risk areas to focus on

The more cognitively fit you are by using Brain Fitness techniques, the better equipped you are to make decisions, solve problems, deal with stress, and cope with change. Brain Fitness will help you be more open to new ideas and alternative perspectives. It will give you the capacity to change your behaviour and realize your goals.

Continuing Education Credits apply for the 3 day Brain Gym® 101 Certificate only for Addiction Counselors, Registered Message Therapists, and Holistic Nutritionists.