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Active Aging Program

Until we discover the “fountain of youth”, integrative movement is the key to slowing down, and in some cases reversing, the aging process. Brain Fitness helps you get smarter and fitter as you get older.

A cognitively fit brain has efficient and flexible cognitive processing, increased neurons, functional connections between neurons, and effective processing speed. Our Brain Fitness programs focus on improving the quality of life for aging and older adults in the areas of physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, social, and functional health through increased cognitive fitness.

When your brain fitness levels decline, so does the connectivity with your Executive Brain functions. These brain functions help you exhibit control over your actions so that you can get to a specific goal you wish to achieve such as walking without falling, better memory and concentration, greater independence, higher energy levels, better personal coping skills, increased mobility, more restful sleep, less anxiety and stress, enhanced cognition, better balance, positive attitudinal shifts, and overall feelings of well-being.


Areas of Impact

Areas of Impact


Using the research from Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity, our program will not only benefit your clients, it will, when used as a daily routine, positively impact your staff as well.

Brain Fitness is the ideal tool for an organization that wants to be the Employer of Choice or strengthen their position as one, to evolve to a learning organization, and to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

We offer various formats to ensure your clients are able to access the therapeutic support that meets their personal needs, creates greater independence, educates, and empowers them to self-initiate based on the activity.

  • Train the trainer to enable your staff to facilitate and schedule classes internally and to contribute to your new client acquisition strategies.
  • Custom programs are built based on:
  • Client group function ability (high, moderate, low)
  • Variations based on intensity (sitting, standing, assisted)
  • Activities based on program goals (e.g. Stress Management, Memory, Behaviors)
  • Can be used solo, with partner, or in group play/movement activities
  • Sample program could look like – Calming and Relaxation, Energy and Focus, or Balance and Integration
  • Post training Apps for common room televisions, computers, or personal communication devices