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Learn how to use Brain Fitness to access whole brain leadership, and to develop your talent by reducing neuro-blockages due to stress, as well as to increase proficiency at work and in daily life.

Using simple, easy, and effective Brain Fitness strategies and user-friendly neuroscience, you can develop leadership skills to adapt, influence, inspire, empower, and shift the type of organizational culture you want to lead. Become a better listener and communicator, and a more innovative leader. Connect with your core instincts, for boldness, problem solving, and creativity.

Lead with proven neuroscience based Brain Fitness tools to support you, your team, and your organization’s success. Leading has never been so rewarding!

Jill Hewlett’s keynotes and trainings are engaging, and interactive, filled with warmth, humour and practical take-away tools that can be used immediately to achieve greater success with ease. 

  • Learn how to remove neuro-network blockage and increase connectivity so you can lead with your whole brain in any situation, in just minutes, anywhere and anytime.
  • Develop intuitive leadership awareness and use your mind-body-heart connection as your detection meter to determine priorities when to take action, when to pause and when to change focus and direction.
  • Activate your executive brain functions strategically, based on the required skill or activity.
  • Understand and support your unique learning and leadership profile.
“With ongoing shifts in the economy, these strategies are valuable tools that easily support sales groups in improving and refocusing their attitudes, actions and mental state for ongoing sales success”  B. Fromm, Vice-President, Administration, Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership