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Body Centered Learning

money bagDo you think we’ve taken the “L”off learning, and turned it into a situation of EARNING? Instead of enjoying the process, there seems to be stress to prove ourselves, compete, and over-ride the natural learning curve.

 Learning is a personal and unique experience. Just as each flower blooms in its own season, each person moves through learning cycles and achievements when it is most ripe and appropriate for them. When we ignore or bypass this natural learning curve for the sake of deadlines or curriculum commitments, the potential in the individual becomes limited, and in some cases sabotaged.

The true spirit of education is to “draw out” the wisdom from the learner, rather than deposit, stamp-in or force it. It requires patience and understanding to experience a genuine learning process – in its own time. Learning, in its most natural state is fun, simple and easy. It grows and transforms us so that we are born anew, feeling energized and ready, wanting more!

While we may be more prone to offer this kind of learning space to a baby or toddler, we must understand the importance of offering this to children and adults of all ages. More…

Testimonial of the Month

We have too many meetings, sitting in a room, expecting the team to absorb.  My big take away was that we need to make change, keep their brains active and ensure that the energy does not leave the room.  

I believe Jill Hewlett is a content expert on the subject. She is animated, and energized, and had the attention of the whole staff throughout the presentation. Her Keynote was fun, while getting everyone talking and thinking too.”   More…

Eileen MacDonald, President, GS1 Canada

Movement of the Month – The Calf Pump

What Improves?  


Speed reading, Maintaining attending skills, Seeing others point of view, Planning long-range strategies, Maintaining comfort with people, Focusing attention, Reading, Comprehension, Effective creative writing, Expressing leadership skills, Communication, Responsiveness, Bringing projects to closure  More… 


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