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Your childhood learning experiences determine the foundation of your adult life. Cognitive development and efficiency is crucial to how well you can successfully learn new skills, navigate tasks and make timely and effective transitions.

Living in a state of connection and balance is our birthright. Young children are frequently in a playful process of cognitive development; unless through stress and unhealthy expectations we teach them otherwise.

Developmental milestones begin in the womb. When given the space and encouragement, healthy growth continues throughout infancy and the brain creates, expands and strengthens its neurological networks.

When someone is struggling with learning, it is not because they aren’t smart enough.  Likely it’s because the current method of instruction is not accommodating their individual learning style.

This is simply a lack of awareness on how to provide constructive support to meet the needs of that particular person so they can excel and achieve healthy milestones and goals.

Gaps in the early development process, or cognitive decline from aging, impacts our life more than we realize.  In areas such as physical, emotional and mental balance, focus, organization, sensory integration, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, our ability to receive and express love, form connections, set goals and achieve them

When in stress, our muscles become tense and the brain body connection (the brain working in conjunction with the central nervous and sensory systems) downshifts into reactionary brain stem mode, where we can only access our flight, fight or freeze patterns. This inhibits our ability to access our Executive Brain Functions (Frontal Lobe). Executive functions is an umbrella term for cognitive processes such as planning, working memory, attention, problem solving, verbal reasoning, inhibition, mental flexibility, task switching, and the initiation and monitoring of action.

As you apply Brain Fitness strategies like Brain Gym®, you reconnect with your whole brain, the Executive Brain Functions, and enjoy growth and improvements such as more focus, energy, restful sleeps, enhanced cognition, and better communication. You’ll experience less anxiety and stress, have overall feelings of well-being, integrate new information easily and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

With Brain Fitness, you engage in any situation from a place of optimal performance and focused energy.

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