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Just Do It!

Do you know what the best indicator of a healthy society is? According to some economists it is happiness. So if you’re invested in the wellbeing of your society, you need to find out how to create happiness. Money is a common answer on that list, but does money actually cause happiness?  According to research, not really… After your basic needs are met, money
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Daily Rituals are the Game Changer!

In today’s world where traditions are fading fast and change is the norm, we may have difficulty feeling a sense of comfort and security on any kind of meaningful, lasting, or regular basis. People are beginning to realize that if they want to feel happy, secure, and able to perform at their best, they need to create the conditions and circumstances to support themselves
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Neuro- Plasticity – What’s love got to do with It?

Love builds and strengthens the health and wellness of your brain.  Opportunities to engage this positive growth can happen anywhere, anytime, because love connections are available with absolutely anyone — whether it’s your soul mate or a complete stranger. Hold on a second! We are not talking about promiscuity… If you want to understand what we are talking about, you may need to change
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