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Body Centered Learning

Do you think we’ve taken the “L”off learning, and turned it into a situation of EARNING? Instead of enjoying the process, there seems to be stress to prove ourselves, compete, and over-ride the natural learning curve. Learning is a personal and unique experience. Just as each flower blooms in its own season, each person moves through learning cycles and achievements when it is most
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Cursive Writing Increases Your Learning Ability!

Psychologists and neuroscientists advise us to not declare handwriting an activity of our ancestors, because evidence suggests that the links between handwriting, learning, and education are all interconnected.  There is a lot of research to substantiate this. It turns out that writing things out by hand may be a critical way to train your brain. Cursive writing is an important tool for cognitive development
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Are you Hardwired for Happiness?

Have you ever heard the saying that a person’s life experience is 90 percent their attitude about it and 10 percent what happens to them? According to Rick Hansen, PhD, the author of Hardwiring Happiness, it is possible to trigger your brain to adapt neural structures that initiate feelings of gratitude and well-being to become an automatic response. On that note, we can take
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