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Cursive Writing Increases Your Learning Ability!

Psychologists and neuroscientists advise us to not declare handwriting an activity of our ancestors, because evidence suggests that the links between handwriting, learning, and education are all interconnected.  There is a lot of research to substantiate this. It turns out that writing things out by hand may be a critical way to train your brain. Cursive writing is an important tool for cognitive development
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Daily Rituals are the Game Changer!

In today’s world where traditions are fading fast and change is the norm, we may have difficulty feeling a sense of comfort and security on any kind of meaningful, lasting, or regular basis. People are beginning to realize that if they want to feel happy, secure, and able to perform at their best, they need to create the conditions and circumstances to support themselves
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The 3 R’s: Reduce, Reverse and Reap! Meditate your way to High Performance.

Each of us has an estimated 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. Many of them are reruns of yesterday’s, last week’s, and last year’s news! The mind tends to contain us in repetitive thought patterns that squeeze out the possibility for new ideas and inspiration. This makes it difficult to stay focused and productive in the present. For most people, meditation seems intimidating. The
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