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Body Centered Learning

Do you think we’ve taken the “L”off learning, and turned it into a situation of EARNING? Instead of enjoying the process, there seems to be stress to prove ourselves, compete, and over-ride the natural learning curve. Learning is a personal and unique experience. Just as each flower blooms in its own season, each person moves through learning cycles and achievements when it is most
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Daily Rituals are the Game Changer!

In today’s world where traditions are fading fast and change is the norm, we may have difficulty feeling a sense of comfort and security on any kind of meaningful, lasting, or regular basis. People are beginning to realize that if they want to feel happy, secure, and able to perform at their best, they need to create the conditions and circumstances to support themselves
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The Spiritual Brain

The human brain is astonishingly complex – it’s the sum of millions of years of evolution. It has comparable functions to other animals, but it is further layered upon its ancestral roots with modern molecules and advanced neural circuitry. These newly incorporated structures have evolved and expanded the capacity of the human brain to efficiently process information, perform complex behaviors, and perhaps reach enlightenment.
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