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Just Do It!

Do you know what the best indicator of a healthy society is? According to some economists it is happiness. So if you’re invested in the wellbeing of your society, you need to find out how to create happiness. Money is a common answer on that list, but does money actually cause happiness?  According to research, not really… After your basic needs are met, money
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It’s all in your…GUT!

Have you heard of the term ‘Embodied Cognition’ before?  It’s very complementary to our Brain Fitness model.  It is a growing area within the field of psychology that shows how your mental life is a part of, and affected by, your physical life. “As children, we first learn the concrete concepts of ‘close or far’, ‘smooth or rough’, ‘warm or cold’.  On the basis
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The “Mindfulness” Movement

What does Brain Fitness have to do with mindfulness? Why is having a Fit Brain gaining interest and popularity with many individuals, industries and sectors? Why are organizations like Baycrest who have deep pockets for advertising initiatives, jumping on the band wagon and creating this awareness for brain health and the aging population? Because: people are realizing that the potential to create positive and
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