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Body Centered Learning

Do you think we’ve taken the “L”off learning, and turned it into a situation of EARNING? Instead of enjoying the process, there seems to be stress to prove ourselves, compete, and over-ride the natural learning curve. Learning is a personal and unique experience. Just as each flower blooms in its own season, each person moves through learning cycles and achievements when it is most
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Just Do It!

Do you know what the best indicator of a healthy society is? According to some economists it is happiness. So if you’re invested in the wellbeing of your society, you need to find out how to create happiness. Money is a common answer on that list, but does money actually cause happiness?  According to research, not really… After your basic needs are met, money
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I’m likable! Aren’t I?

Our state of mind and state of being has a huge influence on the various aspects of our lives. At work it will not only impact your sales and team building efforts, it will make or break them. In the classroom it will either foster learning and active participation or shut it down. In personal relationships it can breed intimacy or cause distance and
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