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For Crying Out Loud!

According to Leonardo DaVinci, “Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.” Of course, we all know what Leonardo meant, but this statement isn’t true. The midbrain is the emotional cognitive area of our triune brain. It is connected with our feelings, our ability to foster connections, and our bond with others; and it is in direct correspondence with our heart. It’s
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Think Smarter & Feel Happier! Change your Brain; Change your Results Presentation Coming to Toronto and Newmarket in June 10th and 11th 2014 – Seating limited!

Join Jill Hewlett, Brain Fitness Expert to learn about your brain and its ability to learn easily, develop new skills, alter behavior and improve performance at every age… with the right tools. Brain Fitness will rewire and develop your brain for greater results, physically, mentally, emotionally and functionally. With a “Fit” brain, you can achieve optimal performance with immediate, progressive and measureable results!

This is your brain on “continuous change”

Nothing stays the same for very long. Continuous change requires us to regularly address how we learn, research, communicate, collaborate, engage with others and model our behavior. Each step in this ‘continuous identification cycle’ is critical and applicable to our children, their learning; our adult learning as well as an organization’s culture. As we grow and change it is advisable to prepare ourselves and
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