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Your Personal Brain Gym®!

Until recent breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience, scientists believed that a person’s brain is hardwired and not able to change or modify itself. They deduced your brain develops and grows up to approximately 20 years of age, and at that point it no longer is capable of further change and remained the same for the rest of your life. They also theorized that
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Cursive Writing Increases Your Learning Ability!

Psychologists and neuroscientists advise us to not declare handwriting an activity of our ancestors, because evidence suggests that the links between handwriting, learning, and education are all interconnected.  There is a lot of research to substantiate this. It turns out that writing things out by hand may be a critical way to train your brain. Cursive writing is an important tool for cognitive development
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Brain Freeze – Your Brain on Climate Change

Did you know that just as climate affects your body, it also affects your brain? While there are many perks to the warmer temperatures, many of us will also notice that our brain power becomes challenged. In fact, research suggests that warm weather impairs our ability to think at our best. Studies are revealing that an increase in temperature can interfere with your ability
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