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Meet the Founders

We are an organization that educates and empowers our clients on the neuroscience of Brain Fitness and provides Brain Activation Strategies to reduce stress and increase performance and proficiency in the workplace, in life and in learning.

About Jill Hewlett

Jill HewlettJill Hewlett is a nationally recognized Author, Speaker, Trainer and Wellness TV personality.

Jill inspires educators, clinicians, corporate teams and the rising entrepreneur in audiences of 10’s to 100’s at Conferences, Special Events, Corporate Training and Wellness Retreats.

As a fully licensed Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym® Instructor of two decades, Jill draws out the natural leadership in individuals and organizations to support them in achieving greater levels of productivity, wellness and success. She provides tools that are fun, easy and effective and can be implemented immediately at work, in learning settings and daily life.

Inspiring and empowering people of all ages and stages of life to make positive life changes and achieve their potential, Jill’s clients benefit from her application of user friendly neuroscience and Brain Fitness activities, so they can grow a Fit Brain and a Fit Life!

You may have seen Jill as a featured guest expert on various TV and radio stations across Canada, giving real life examples and real life solutions to the mental health and wellness issues that are on the rise today.

For a decade, Jill produced and hosted her own Wellness TV series which began as a grassroots project and moved to Rogers TV, achieving a viewership of one million people.

Jill is the author of two books, “Common Sense…Uncommonly Practiced” and “Uncommon Sense…Put Into Practise”. These collections are highly inspiring and readable reflections on how others might identify and apply wisdom and nurturance to their life path.

Filling a call for wellness education for women in her community; twelve years ago Jill began a Women’s Wellness Circle in York Region that has blossomed into multiple monthly locations that she mentors in the greater Toronto area and beyond.

Jill enjoys being an active volunteer at one of Toronto District School Board’s first holistic public schools.

About Sharon Todd

Jill HewlettAs Brain Works Global’s Co-Founder, Operations, Sales, and Strategic Partnerships,

Sharon draws from a wealth of experience. Her background includes business development, human resources consulting, coaching, training and facilitating.  Sharon’s extensive corporate experience combines with her personal commitment to help clients clarify their goals, rethink their assumptions and expand the possibilities available.

Sharon’s goal is to support her clients’ career, business and personal development in ways that integrate their beliefs, values and visions.

Sharon’s experiences include Recruiting, Consultative Sales, Senior Management, Operations, Training and Development and Customer Service. She has used her skills to successfully service internal and external clients on a local, regional and national level.

Sharon is fully licensed Brain Gym Trainer/Consultant in the field of Educational Kinesiologist. Her knowledge of the business environment allows her to educate and coach participants, which accelerates skill development and integration.

Our Associates

We have an international reach of associates in 90 countries worldwide.

All Brain Works Global trainers have completed the international credentialing program and are licensed Brain Gym® Consultants/Instructors.

The sole licensing body for Brain Gym® Consultants/Instructors is the Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) Foundation in Ventura, CA, which has been licensing Instructors since 1987. Licensing encompasses 243 hours of course work covering four levels of intensive training.

Additional requirements include; hands-on work through numerous case studies and facilitating individual “Balance Processes”. This is reviewed in detail, for approval by the Foundation Faculty prior to granting license.